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es last year as of December 28, including 329 mass shootin▓gs. Altogether 13,136 were killed and 26,493 injured (, Decem▓ber 28, 2015). According to the repor

t "Crime in the United States" released by the FBI in 2015, firearms were used in 67.9 percent of the nation▓'s murders, 40.3 percent of robberies, and 22.5 percent of aggravated as▓saults in 2014 (

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▓ve use of violence by police gravely violated human rights. Excessive use of violence by police

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during law enforcement had resulted in a large number of civilian casualties. Police shot dead 965 people last year as of December 24, according to

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data posted on The Washi▓ngton Post website (www.washingtonpo▓, December 24, 2015). Freddie Gr

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